A Liberal Citizen

I first became interested in politics around 1995 when a big change in parliament happened in Portugal. I was 13. I remember a group of men in their fifties parroting the slogan of the incoming centre-left of António Guterres with happy, hopeful faces. It felt important.

After about a decade of meandering through different political spaces I settled on the moderate liberal camp. My search was double-blind: I didn’t know what I was searching for. I now know I was looking for a framing of politics that conveyed the feeling of a mathematical proof clicking, the understanding a problem through its irreducible bits. A sort of explosion of explanatory power.

I got that with Liberalism, the humanist kind. Over the years I developed a bit of an institutional pessimism that makes me go a bit harder on some matters. You can consider me a classical Liberal for most intents and purposes.

I was a member of the Libdems in the UK, but left due to ideological differences.

I am a member of the Iniciativa Liberal in Portugal.