About me


I’m a software engineer with a solid academic background, thirteen years of industry experience and the will to make meaningful change by solving fundamental problems with high-integrity solutions.

Picture of me

Me circa 2020

I am interested in the topics of disintermediation, Web3, blockchain, transportation, logistics, health, among others. I am not interested in gaming, gambling, traditional finance, fashion, luxury or liftestyle.

Range of expertise and thoroughness of action trump specialisation and expediency. It pays to take the time to understand the boundaries of the domain and its relations to others. Specialists reinvent wheels, fall for myths of exceptionalism and over-apply their tools. Solving a problem so we can forget about it is cheaper than solving just the part of immediate concern, if there is a non-immediate concern to be had.

I tend towards immutability, determinism, explicitness, completeness, boundedness and parsimony of expressivity as principles that help us keep software performant, reliable and maintainable in face of combinatorial explosion, unbounded indeterminacy and entropy. I thus prefer technologies and techniques such as strongly-typed functional programming languages, containerised runtimes, log-orientated architectures, infrastructure as code, immutable infrastructure, immutable webapps.

I have long been fascinated by the apparent alchemy of human factors that make software teams perform, or not. More recently I deepened my understanding of the topic of organisations, leadership and self-management and have been fortunate to work with people who helped me see healthier, truer ways of working.

However happy I may be with my employer I always have an ear for a crazy idea in need of dependable technical execution for fun, fulfillment and profit. If you have one, hit me.